Code Samples

Here are some of my recent code samples. I would upload them to Github, but one is a game I would eventually like to sell, and the others are solutions to homework. In both cases I would prefer not to make the source code public.


An (unfinished) Android game, which won first place in last spring’s G.I.T.M.A.D. App-a-thon.

Details are in the README.

This is a rewrite of a Java version I wrote in high school:

which is in turn a port of the original I wrote for the TI-83 calculator and posted here:

Agalag and Derpfrog

Two GBA games (written in C) that I wrote for homework projects last year. You can run them in VisualBoy Advance. I may have made Derpfrog a bit too difficult.

ImageSVD and Pinballproject

Two math projects from last year, in Java:

Web Design Portfolio

If you have any questions please let me know.