I almost forgot to mention this to everyone, but I’m going to be spending my spring break on a mission trip to Juarez. At 3:30AM, myself and 20ish other CCF people will be hopping in vans and driving to El Paso, TX. On Monday, we’ll cross the border and get started building two houses with Casas por Cristo to give to two families that need them. By the end of the day Thursday we’ll be done, and head back to the US. I am super excited! I get to spend time with some of my favorite people, visit a new country, do some physical work and rest my brain a bit, hopefully practice some Spanish, eat delicious Mexican food, spend some time in New Orleans on the way back, and of course bless some people with a new house!

I didn’t send out a support letter for this trip because I knew I could come up with the money on my own. God has provided for me in a huge way this year, and I have been able to save up enough over the past couple months to cover the whole cost. That said, I can definitely use your support in prayer. You can pray for:

  • Safety on the road and on the work site
  • Friendships to form and to deepen among the team members
  • God’s blessing for the families that are receiving these houses

And I’m sure you can think of more. I will be pretty busy the week after I get back but I hope to put up some pictures and a post-trip blog post the weekend after that. Thanks for your support!